Gamelan of Java, Vol. 5: Cirebon Tradition in America

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DESCRIPTION FROM AMAZON: "Gamelan music is one of the most fascinating and beautiful orchestral traditions in the world, found mainly in Indonesia and Malaysia. The Javanese, the largest ethnic group in Indonesia, have many regional styles of this alluring music. Most recordings of Javanese gamelan have thus far centered on Surakarta and Yogyakarta in south central Java. But there is another, earlier style of Javanese music that is little known: the traditional music of Cirebon. Even the most seasoned lovers of Javanese gamelan might be surprised at what they hear in this CD. All five of the classical Cirebon genres are represented, performed by Gamelan Sinar Surya, a dedicated American ensemble that effectively helps keep that tradition alive. In the liner notes, GSS director Richard North describes the well thought-out and enjoyable program. Produced by John Noise Manis for Lyrichord."

Classical Gamelan Music of Sunda, West Java

This CD, played by an ensemble of American musicians, was recorded live in Santa Cruz, California. It features eleven elegant Sundanese listening pieces, some rarely heard in West Java today.

Priced at only $8 for the digital download or $12 (plus $3.50 for shipping within the US) for a physical CD and digital download. Please visit our Bandcamp page by clicking on the preceding link to buy both the CD and digital download.

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